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Sunday, October 21, 2012 – 20 views

— by andi242

ADN Blogs I am trying out this new blog thing that is being developed by @jazzychad if I am not mistaken.

It is - at first sight - something one could achieve with Wordpress. create a post and link it to ADN.

but: since I do not know anything about the backend, I'd better be cautious about this. ;)

first thing I learned from this: always keep a < br > in the clipboard! I may reconsider this, once I know more about markdown. ;)

other ideas

Since everything I do (photos, rarely blogging, flickr, etc) is somehow related to my selfhosted Wordpress I got an idea about that just today.

I am not able to write a plugin on my own in a certain amount of time, so this may be an idea that others may pickup and develop something. :)

What I have in mind is about threading and blogging via threads. @sham treads to the max, so this might come in handy for him, too. ;)

The idea is to create a thread and develop a blogpost with increasing number of posts. while the story develops there will be commenting posts from others, but the main story should be developed by the author of the first thread-post.

once that posting is done, I'd be glad to have a plugin which is fed with the link to the thread and does the rest on it's own.

the workflow

the wordpress plugin renders a view like in that plugin from @thomasmb found here.

commenting posts would be added as inline comments that will be placed between the lines, or whatever.

functionality first, design later.

is that somehow understandable? :D

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